Friday, March 27, 2009

Record Painting 01

This is a new piece I did based on the life drawing classes I have been going to again. This one was inspired by the Betty Page night at Dr Sketchy’s. It’s cut paper and paint on a record cover. I constantly collect images I find interesting, for what purpose I don’t usually know at the time, I just know I like something about a particular image and cut it out an put it in a scrapbook. More often than not I end up using them as a starting point for a background in one of my pieces. A few months ago I came home with a bag full of records I found while roaming thrift stores in the city. Again, not sure what I would use them for. When I started looking at my sketches the life drawing sessions, I remembered the old records and decided to put the two together. Rather than using the record image as reference for a BG, I decided to just paint on the found object itself. I have many more of these coming soon.

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