Friday, January 15, 2010

Young at Heart Documentary

Over the past year I have been voraciously watching as many documentaries as I can. I started filming my own documentary last year with my partner in crime Linda Beck, but more about that at a later time. This weekend I saw the documentary Young@Heart on PBS and it was FANTASTIC. It was everything a good documentary should be. It follows the final weeks of rehearsal for the Young@Heart Chorus in Northampton, MA, as they get ready for their world tour. The chorus’ average age is 81, and the film follows all the highs and lows associated with people of that age. One of the best parts of the chorus is their unexpected choice of music to perform such as The Clash, Coldplay, James Brown and Sonic Youth.
They are performing in Brooklyn this fall and I for one will be there to see them in person. Young@Heart in END OF THE ROAD opens in New York and runs April 21-May 2. Ticket information is available by phone 718 254 8779 and on line.

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Matt Hanneman said...

We Netflixed this and watched it last night. It was awesome...made me smile and cry, now that's a good flick.