Tuesday, July 08, 2008

3 Feet High picts

Here are some picts from the 3 feet High opening. It was a great night in Hoboken and thanks to everyone who came out. This years artists included: joe andriola, barrett benica, john breiner, andrea breitman, david cooper, kelly denato, wylie fisher,bianca franco, thom glick, david heiss, herm life, tom hudson, dean landry, adam levine, conor o'kelly lynch, richard mather, christopher mostyn, brian musikoff, lynda nettleship, vincent nguyen, lysa opfer, jackie post, rob powers, lauren rucci, sean salmon, tim shankweiler, lea simone, justin simonich, frank summers, kate sutton, stacy swane, stephanie swane, josh taylor, thinkmule, chris timmons, john ward, john lytle wilson, jene yeo, aaron zisman, and more!